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faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker Why the faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker?

In an increasingly globalized world, a product travels through many different stations as it completes is manufacturing and delivery process. Since each logistics company works with its own tracking system, it is a challenge for the end customer and the manufacturer to trace their product consistently without gaps. For example, the installation of different systems is necessary for tracing or different portals will be used to track products. This process is very complex and expensive. The end customer or manufacturer can never be certain of the current location of their product and thus has less trust that the process has occurred according to their wishes or as agreed in a contract.

How does the faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker work?

The faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker quickly and easily determines the GPS coordinates and transfers them to any Blockchain. Multiple Blockchain connections are possible. The coordinates are continuously written as transactions in the decentralized database, and are thus chronologically and precisely documented.

This allows the end customer or manufacturer to check the location of the product at regular intervals and see which stations the products has passed through. This complete verification is safe because the waypoints are not anchored in the Blockchain. The various locations of the products are connected to one another through the Blockchain, creating transparency.

Tracking of products with GPS Blockchain

Uses of the faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker

The faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker is attached to a container or machine so that it is possible to track the freight without media breakage or change of systems.

Smart Contracts are a way to use and link the resulting data. These intelligent contracts are programmed application in which parts of the contract are automatically executed when certain conditions occur. For example, if certain changes in state occur, a warning signal is issued. This would be conceivable if a certain temperature was exceeded, which could prevent the spoilage of food products. It is also possible to use transport insurance or wallets to pay fees or duties when transferring goods across sovereign territories, eliminating the manual work normally necessary in this process.

The faizod.GPS-Blockchain tracker supports all current Blockchain implementations including Hyperledger, Ethereum and Vooledger.

How is the faizod.GPS-Blockchain tracker available?

The faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker is available as a hardware component including user interface for all device types. Please contact our sales department at sales@faizod.com.


The faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker provides the ability to track products along the supply chain and transfer the data directly to a Blockchain. All parties involved in the transport process have to option to access and check these data at any time. This ensures maximum transparency and traceability. Other advantages of using the faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker are the optimal resource planning and cost reduction measures; the planning accuracy provides tremendous advantages for insurance companies.

faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker’s end-to-end tracking is carried out without media breaks by different systems being used be different logistics companies and thus offers unique and forward-looking advantages, all while ensuring security and creating trust.

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Deckblatt faizod.Blockchain-GPS-Tracker
Deckblatt faizod.Blockchain-GPS-Tracker

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