Boise exploring public-sector Blockchain use cases

Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 14:58 Uhr

Today held reports that the city of Boise, the capital of the U.S. state Idaho, has teamed up with a Blockchain startup to explore possibilities for using Blockchain technology in the management of local government data /2/.  When they begin implementing solutions, they will be one of the first city governments to adopt Blockchain in the public sector.

The Chief information officer (CIO) of the city of Boise called the technology transformative, and the city is looking forward to seeing benefits in data transparency and integrity /1/.

Local governments generate and store a tremendous amount of data that informs the delivery of important services and helps develop policy that shapes the lives of citizens.  For governments to maintain trust and data is a valuable asset in this.

Blockchain a logical step for local governments

Blockchain secures data from manipulation through an elaborate encryption procedure, requiring an malicious party to alter 51% of all instances to forge just one entry in the databank.  Blockchain also saves data in a decentralised way, protecting the user from losing data when nodes fail.  When one node fails, the others continue to work, making the addition and removal of sites easier as well.  Control of nodes is then localised, which is perfect for governments operating across a number of sectors.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the city implements Blockchain in their technological infrastructure.  To learn more about Blockchain and explore existing solutions for business, security, and logistics and industry, you can contact us here.


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